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DC charging cable with CCS-2 plug
cooled version

Product properties

Maximal Power – Minimum charging time
Possibility to reach a continuous charging power up to 850kW with compact cooling units, ambient temperatures up to 50°C and cable lengths up to 7m.

Flexible and handy cable   
Just 32mm diameter and cable weight of 1.3kg/m, Thanks to the latest integrated cooling technology.

Eco-friendly solution    
Just 32mm diameter and 1.3kg/m, Thanks to the latest integrated cooling technology.

Adapted to your needs
Possibility to deliver different cable lengths, and adapted cooling unit solution for you.

Individual engineered solutions
Complete solution plug-and-play with cooling unit.

DC charging cable with CCS-2 plug
non cooled version



PURWIL Connect-150 Connect-200 Connect-300
Current (A) 150 250 500
Ø (mm) 28 30 36.5
Weight (kg/m) 1.5 2.1 3.1

Product properties

Charging in few minutes
Charging currents up to 500A with a rated voltage up to 1000V.

Flexible and handy cable    
User-friendly Plug, and extremely flexible and handy cable.

Costumer Specific confection   
Charging cable available with different lengths and costumer specific preparation

Replaceability concept 
Possibility to exchange within 10min different plug components such as front face and contacts.

EVC cabel for charging reel
EMV protected

Product properties

Fast charging
Charging up to 500 A at ambient temperature up to 50 °C.

Compact, abrasion resistant, robust
The high quality selected materials extend the life span and increase the flexibility.

Longer charging system
The EMC shielding allows longer installations without worry about intererences.

Customer-specific assembly
Charging cables in any length can be flexibly selected and are available ready for installation.

Maintenance-friendly charging system
The front side of the connector face and DC contacts are easily interchangeable.

EVC cables
DC to 350 kW


Product properties

High mechanical resistance
Resistant to drive over, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Fire resistance acc. IEC 60332-1/ hydrolysis /UV resistant and Halogen free.

Min bending radius of 10xD/ really flexible in torsion.

Cold and heat resistance
Service temperatures from -40°C to 90°C (in short-circuit up to 160°C during 5sec)/ resistant against temperature cycles..

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