Our commitment to an effective sustainability.



Brugg eConnect pursues a challenging vision: we want to be the most sustainable company in our industry. This goal defines how we operate on a day-to-day basis and the way we’ll develop in future – promoting responsible use of resources and sustainable economic success.

Achieving this demanding goal means actively facing up to current challenges: not just shortages of skilled labour, but also climate change, the transition to a new energy mix and the growing scarcity of natural resources. In our actual day-to-day business, our actions are characterised by five core values: quality and responsibility, partnership, independence and future viability.

Environmental policy

Continuous improvement of the environmental performance
We are committed to eco-friendly business operations and to a continuous improvement of our environmental performance. We provide the resources and structures necessary in this respect. Our environmental management system is an integral part of the overall management system and is periodically reviewed within this framework.
In addition to a positive economic and environmental contribution, it is the social aspects that are considered to be the third dimension of a sustainable corporate management and thus to be a key factor of a continuous development.

Involvement of the customers
The fulfillment of customer requirements is mandatory for us unless they conflict with legal requirements, the environmental compatibility or our corporate policy. It is also in the interest of our customers that we comply with all legal requirements.

Compliance with laws and regulations
Legal requirements and regulations, legal obligations, legal norms and claims admitted by us are fulfilled by us without exception.
Regular instructions and audits serve to monitor our compliance with legal requirements and relevant norms.

Eco-friendly processes
We strive to avoid unnecessary emissions to the environment and to reduce unavoidable emissions. We strive for an optimized use of energy in all processes and areas. The plants, machines, vehicles and appliances are regularly serviced so as to ensure eco-friendly operations. Taking into account ecological and economical aspects, we apply state-of-the art resources to this end.
The efficiency of the measures is reviewed on a regular basis. Risks are limited within the framework of the emergency preparedness.

Eco-friendly technologies and products
The products, plants and services produced and sold by us are designed to be eco-friendly and energy saving over their entire life cycle.
The ecological aspects are already taken into account in the development and design process. We assess the environmental impacts of new activities, products and processes in advance. We keep our customers informed about the relevant environmental aspects of our products, operations, services and plants.

Awareness of our staff members
Our staff members are trained to be capable of accepting their ecological responsibility during work and leisure activities.

Commitment of our suppliers and contractors
We prefer suppliers and contractors who act in accordance with ecological principles, and we support our suppliers and contractors in their efforts regarding environmental protection. Using appropriate defined selection and assessment procedures we ensure that our key suppliers that our key suppliers are capable of applying the principles of our environmental policy.

Cooperations and partnerships
We strive for a partnership and fair cooperation with our suppliers and select them according to the criteria of quality, cost and time. Our partners must meet BRUGG eConnect’s compliance standards in terms of their ethical values and responsible use of resources. The Brugg Group is committed to meeting the compliance guidelines and actively supports its suppliers in their implementation and realization.
This concerns, among other things, sustainability requirements relating to:

  • Environmental guidelines, greenhouse emissions, energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Child labor and underage employees
  • Wages and benefits and working hours
  • modern slavery
  • freedom of association, including collective bargaining
  • health and safety
  • Harassment and non-discrimination
  • Corruption, extortion and bribery
  • privacy and data protection
  • fair competition and antitrust
  • Conflicts of interest
  • grievance procedures and protection against retaliation
  • air quality, water quality and consumption
  • sustainable resource management and waste reduction
  • responsible chemicals management
  • Sustainability requirements for your own suppliers

We strongly support efforts to prevent the trade of conflict raw materials. We confirm that we do not procure tin from conflict regions. This is intended to remove the financial basis for wars and conflicts in these regions.
We require our suppliers to consistently comply with this policy and to trace their supply chain back to the mines. We strive to make this information available to the “Conflict-Free Smelter Program”. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To this end, we give preference to external suppliers who act according to ecological principles and support them in their efforts with regard to
Appropriate, defined selection and evaluation procedures ensure that our key external suppliers are able to apply the principles of our environmental policy.

Contacts to agencies and stakeholders
We cooperate with agencies in an open and active manner. We maintain a straightforward communication with all stakeholders striving for a relationship of trust.

Quality policy

To ensure the quality of its products and services in terms of consistency, reliability and compliance with performance specifications during every step of the job, Brugg eConnect applies a process of self-checking, process monitoring and overviews using innovative technology and rigorously applying all the elements in its quality system. We also consider it very important to use high-quality raw materials.

Routine check
Every cable undergoes routine testing before it leaves the factory. In the medium voltage range, we also measure factors such as the absence of partial discharge under a high electrical load. Our in-house test requirements are more stringent than the standards in some regards. The following measurements are performed on each individual length of cable and checked for compliance with the standards:

  • Insulation resistance (1 kV cables only)
  • Geometry
  • Conductor resistance
  • Voltage testing and measurement of partial discharge


Type testing
All cables undergo special type testing in accordance with the standards. These sometimes quite labour-intensive and long-term tests are performed in our high-voltage laboratory.

Brugg Cables has set up its own testing laboratories for long-term quality assurance testing, development projects and testing during manufacturing in accordance with VDE 027.

Ongoing process reviews make sure we comply with the standards SN EN ISO 9001 and SN EN ISO 14001.

Customers have relied on the high quality of our products and services for more than 100 years.

  • Certified production facilities: at every one of our locations we develop and manufacture in accordance with the quality management system SN EN ISO 9001.
  • Environmental protection: our production facilities are certified in accordance with environmental standard SN EN ISO 14001.
  • Occupational safety and health: we meet all legal requirements in the area of occupational safety and health.

Swiss SQS Certificate and Appendix ISO 9001 and 14001_EN

ISO 9001_PL_EN
ISO 14001_PL_EN

Compliance guidelines

The Brugg Group commits to observing the compliance guidelines and actively supports its employees in implementing them.

Occupational safety and health

Occupational safety and health policy
Occupational safety, health and quality of life are essential elements of our corporate policy. We promote responsibility for work with a focus on safety among our employees by providing information, motivation and training. In this way, we want to ensure that we meet all relevant occupational safety and health requirements and the provisions required by law.

Occupational safety and health objectives
We have put the appropriate accident-prevention measures in place to achieve a steady reduction in the number of accidents. Our occupational safety measures are also aimed at eliminating accidents caused by hazardous situations on our premises or as a consequence of technical faults in our systems, machines and buildings. We satisfy the requirements in the area of ​​occupational safety and health protection.

Environmental, occupational safety and quality management are integral elements of all our processes and constitute obligations for all employees. We place particular emphasis on quality assurance measures in activities leading up to the manufacturing phase, particularly in terms of thoroughly grasping the customer’s needs, and ensuring accurate details for product manufacture at the implementation stage. We also consider it very important to use high-quality raw materials.
Checking and actively directing our safety measures ensures the safety of our employees and upholds our responsibility for health and quality of life.