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Fresh air for the electricity industry:
wind power

The agreements at the UN Climate Conference in December 2015 have given the renewables market a powerful boost. The wind power segment is growing by 5% annually. As a result, 7,000-8,000 new wind turbines are being built every year in Europe alone.

Growing markets demand partners that are constantly developing. As a leading component supplier, BRUGG eConnect therefore offers innovative cable solutions with impressive, future-oriented concepts and maximum reliability. In addition to outstanding product quality, we provide innovative services, and with our “engineered to order” approach you get an extensive range of testing opportunities, from approval processes through to logistics services.

Putting the right spin on it: our torsion testing facility.

Wind turbines are growing more and more powerful. That’s why we rely on an in-house torsion test facility for quality assurance. After all, performing reliable tests on cables and wires means there will be no surprises.

We develop cables with maximum dynamic strength and cold flexibility, made to suit your specific requirements. We believe reliable quality assurance is highly important, and our 16-metre-high testing facility, with up to 15,000 torsion cycles, provides this guarantee.

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